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trusculpt body contouring

Like the skin on your face, your body also deserves to have that extra special attention. Inner Beauty MD offers an array of industry leading and proven effective body care solutions scientifically developed to safely and efficiently meet the needs of your unique body care needs. From body contouring treatments to spider vein removal, Inner Beauty MD is dedicated to delivering the best results in a comfortable spa environment.

Body contouring with truSculpt

truSculpt is the forefront of our body contouring service. It is a product of today’s modern ingenuity that guarantees it as one of the safest and most effective ways of eliminating body fat.  As its name implies, truSculpt is very accurate in removing excess body fat from any part of the body while tightening the skin at the same time.

Skin rejuvenation and Resurfacing

Rejuvenate your skin and achieve results you once thought impossible in medical aesthetics with laser treatment. Using Laser Genesis – also recognized by brand name Cutera –  is a non-invasive laser treatment skin treatment that helps stimulate collagen.  More advanced and more innovative than Intense Pulsed Light / IPL, Laser Genesis provides patients with no downtime after treatment worthy successor in the area of laser treatment.

Vein treatments

Varicose veins can make your life uncomfortable apart from significantly decreasing your skin’s aesthetic appeal. Our vein treatment solutions are designed as a holistic approach against the negative effects of those unwanted veins. Ease symptoms and treat complications as you welcome a cleaner and smoother for of your skin through our vein treatment services.

Spider vein removal

Like varicose veins, spider veins are a common problem especially to individuals with jobs that require longer hours of standing. Whether by heredity, obesity, occupation, use of birth control pills, or hormonal influences, our spider vein removal treatment is the absolute solution to your problem.

Laser hair removal

Eliminate unwanted hair from your body forever using the fastest and most comfortable way possible with our laser hair removal solutions. With years of experience and cutting edge technology, Inner Beauty MD guarantees unparalleled accuracy with excellent results.


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