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botox aikenBeautiful Skin Starts with Great Skin Care from Inner Beauty MD

Ever wondered how your favorite stars achieved and maintain such beautifully and smooth and skin? Have you ever wished to keep a youthful glow in your skin? At Inner Beauty MD, we offer a variety of cosmetic skin care solutions driven to efficiently meet every patient’s unique skin requirements. From certified aesthetic physicians to medical aestheticians, you can always count on result driven solutions provided only by licensed and trained professionals. Dr. Englee and the Inner Beauty MD team is here to help you achieve and maintain healthy and fresh looking skin is one of our top priorities.

Anti-aging for your skin

Injectables: Xeomin-the Botox Alternative, Dysport

Do frown lines seem to be increasing by the year? Do more than just retouching or hide them through our Botox alternative solutions. Clinically known as botulinum toxins A, Botox is the very popular and widely used treatment for patients with sagging wrinkled skin. Although such medical treatment poses a lot of health risks, Dr. Englee and our aestheticians work hand in hand to make sure that all our patients enjoy the best benefits at the safest way possible.

Dermal fillers

Dermal Fillers are also effective in eliminating all those wrinkles by filling in defects in your face as well as scars and other signs of aging. With an increasing demand for Dermal Fillers, Inner Beauty MD offers only the latest and most effective facial fillers like Radiesse, Juvederm and Belotero.  Dermal fillers and Botox can also be used together and complement each other.

Chemical Peels

 As we age, so does our skin particularly in our face. With the help of our chemical peels, dead skin is discarded gorgeously exposing a much younger, healthier, and smoother regenerated skin.  It can also let much needed nutrients penetrate into the skin layers.


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