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Health + Science = Genuine Results

Inner Beauty MD utilizes Cornerstone Wellness, MD, a leading evidence-based, technologically advanced, and nutritionally complete diet and weight loss program.  Dr. Englee carefully selected this weight loss program following extensive research to find the best and safest ways possible to lose weight with lasting effects.   At Inner Beauty MD, our weight loss program provides a long term solution complete with in-depth nutritional counseling, medical grade vitamins and supplements, and other proven effective techniques.

We focus on helping a patient’s body lose fat and gain lean muscle mass,  effectively eliminating significant health risks. As a precision driven solution, it can accurately address on the main culprit of today’s frequently diagnosed metabolic syndrome freeing a person from the risks of acquiring increased blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, and excess body fat accumulating around your waist. If untreated, metabolic syndrome can lead to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

As a scientifically based program, Cornerstone Wellness, MD works with multiple effects at a time. As you lose weight, your body is assisted in maintaining Lean Body Mass (LBM) and a beneficial Metabolic Rate (BMR) which are crucial in achieving and enjoying long term optimal health.

Everything you need to jump start your weight loss on your first visit!

Your time is too valuable to be wasted on numerous consultations and empty promises.  At Inner Beauty MD, our first acquaintance guarantees results that you can achieve in the safest and most effective way possible.  During your first weight loss appointment with Inner Beauty MD you will receive: 

  • Physical assessment
  • Health history overview
  • Bio-impedance measurement through BCIV Body Composition Analyzer
  • Weight loss medication prescription, protein meal replacement, MedAssist (a natural component that helps glucose metabolism in several target areas)
  • Omega Health (5 ingredients that improve mood, cholesterol, decreases inflammation, helps glucose metabolism)
  • B12 shot
  • Access to an interactive online support system
  • Health coaching as needed

Advanced and state of the art weight loss instruments

With our commitment to being the Aiken area’s leading provider of medical weight management solutions, we make sure that we use only the most advanced, state of the art medical instruments.  We use the BC-IV which is the gold standard for technologically advanced  bioimpedance measurement outweighing the functionality and accuracy of BMI. Through this state of the art equipment, we continually monitor all our patients’ body fat, lean body mass, and BMR.

Interactive online support system

Support and keeping track of your weight loss progress is key to long-term success.  Our interactive online support system is equipped with tools like:

  • personalized meal planning & tracking (targeting a patient’s particular body composition results),
  • a comprehensive library of physical resistance training (for muscle maintenance),
  • calorie mapping feature, and
  • administrative reporting which is best used with your physician’s progress assessment.

B12 shots

The significant role of the B12 shot is to aid the patient’s body in going through the entire process of medical weight management by boosting its energy and metabolism naturally. Through the aid of B12, carbohydrates is converted into glucose or sugar which is then burned and used as fuel for various bodily functions. Breakdown of fats and proteins, boosting immune system, speeding up metabolism, and enhancing cardiac output are other important roles of Vitamin B12.

As part of the weight loss program, we feel that health coaching will help achieve your weight loss goal long term.  One of the key elements of any successful weight loss program is staying motivated and having someone to keep you on target for success. Dr. Englee and the Inner Beauty MD team is here to help you achieve your weight loss goals and keep you focused on health and wellness for a lifetime.

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