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Weight Loss Might Be Good…FAT LOSS is BETTER!

Why is Weight Loss Not Always the Solution?

weight loss aikenReducing excess body fat is more important than any other vital sign for disease prevention and quality of life. Weight loss, without focus on body fat and muscle maintenance, will lower your metabolic rate (BMR)—causing calories to be stored (as Fat) instead of being burned for energy. Cornerstone Wellness is designed for long term success.

Weight Management for Life IS the solution!

This is not just a simple weight loss program—this is a technologically advanced, evidence based and nutritionally complete physician managed FAT loss program. This is a mild to moderate caloric restriction program where you are NOT starving and NOT lowering your BMR.

Dr. Englee does not just want her patients to lose weight, she wants them to successfully lose fat, maintain lean body mass, and improve their health for life!

Thinking about improving your health and losing weight?  Click HERE to we’ll  schedule your weight loss Consultation today!



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