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Skincare products DO make a difference!

With the holidays and cooler weather approaching, it becomes even more important to take care of your skin. The products you use DO make a difference! When the weather gets cooler we tend to take longer and warmer showers. In addition to the long, hot showers the lack of humidity in the air dries out our skin. It is extremely important to add extra hydration to your skin care regimen during the fall and winter seasons. A gentle cleanser, stronger moisturizer, and an added hydration serum can help restore moisture and balance to dry and thirsty skin. Also, don’t forget about SPF! Just because the sun isn’t making you sweat, doesn’t mean it isn’t damaging your skin. Using a moisturizer with SPF or make up products that contain SPF can truly make a difference in protecting your skin all year round! Not to mention, we all want our skin to look great for family photos and reunions this Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s celebrations! 


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